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East Africa is well endowed with mountains. Mt Kilimanjaro is the tallest, not only in East Africa, but in the entire Africa. It's 5,895m high with its snow-capped peaks towering above the plains. There are several routes to the top – with varying degrees of difficulty – giving most people the chance to reach the Roof of Africa. It may be tough going, but the rewards speak for themselves. Your safety is paramount, and we use only the most skilled and experienced guides.

Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain, with Point Batian standing at 5,199m.

If Africa’s tallest mountain seems out of reach why not try Mount Meru? It’s just 70km from Kilimanjaro and a mere 4,565m high. Also Mt Rwenzori often known as the Mountain of the Moon is located in Uganda and 5,109m high.